KC is a blogger, hermit, and aspiring author.

I'm only sort of joking about the hermit thing.

And I love to craft. So below is a list of crafty things I do and what I would consider my skill level to be.

Crochet: Intermediate
I've been crocheting about 10 years now. My aunt tried to teach me as a kid but it didn't take. I ended up teaching myself to crochet as an adult.

Sewing: Low Intermediate-ish....
I can do some things really well and some things not so well. Like zippers. Those little shits mess me up all the time.

Knitting: Beginner

Is there something below beginner? Because I feel like that's where I'm at. It is not coming very easily to me at all.

Quilting: Beginner
I've made small things and I pieced a queen-sized top. But... the quilting on that queen-sized quilt was more than I can handle with my skill level. I need to go back to some small projects before I attempt that one again.

Jewelry-Making: Beginner
So far I've done more jewelry repair than actual making of jewelry. This is something on my agenda to spend some time on though.

Embroidery: High Beginner, Low Intermediate.
Like sewing, some things I do really well and some things I don't. Also on my agenda to spend some time working to improve.

Cross-Stitching: Intermediate
I'm really bad about getting bored halfway through a project and then charts get lost, thread gets lost, it gets damaged... Also on my agenda to improve.

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